News Talk Oasis values its inclusive culture and is pledged to the public good. A core part of our mission is to present real facts and combat tabloid-like journalistic practices, with our ultimate goal being to keep individuals well informed.

Towards that end, journalists and reporters should always attempt to keep themselves at highest ethical standards: aspiring for honesty, equity and preciseness while staying away from conflicts of interest.

That’s precisely why News Talk Oasis is publishing this Code of Ethics, so that our readers can know exactly where we stand.

Unknown Sources: Using anonymous sources is permissible if there are valid fears of personal or professional retaliation on stories regarding to the public good.     

Acknowledgement: When citing or quoting proper attribution is a requisite, exceptions being special circumstances, using a hyper link if/when available or valid.

Conflicts of Interest: Sources will, under no circumstance, be financially compensated for their stories and/or reports. Likewise, NTO journalists are not allowed to accept gifts or trips from story sources.

Rectifications and Updates: Corrections and acknowledgements in the event of actual errors will be submitted by editors at the end of the article. In the event that an article has significantly advanced one week after it was published then updates may be added.

Deletion of Articles: Articles may not be deleted by any one employee or without the express permission from News Talk Oasis editors. Deletions will take place in the event of important or fundamental factual errors, serious value violations or valid concerns relating to personal safety.

Content Appropriation: Factual fabrication and plagiarism are absolutely forbidden.

Requests for Comment: Organizations and persons that are the main subject of an original story should be customarily contacted with a request for comments before publishing said news piece and be offered a reasonable time to give their response.