Since we were established, individuals have resorted to News Talk Oasis as an alternative to the flow of tedious and often boring news present in the mainstream media.

From our very beginnings, our editors have focused heavily on gathering and publishing quality news articles from all over the world. As a result of their efforts and our readers’ dedication, we have been able to confirm a fact that many of our fans have known to be true, namely that it is not quality news that is in short supply but rather the broadcasting.

While it is of great significance for us to keep individuals informed, especially in order to correctly disseminate the news that is presented on a daily basis, an overabundance of factually incorrect stories and articles written from a subjective/biased point of view can create the perception of an unreliable source of information.

That is precisely the reason that all of the news published on the News Talk Oasis website is checked in detail prior to them being published, in an attempt to curb the spread of junk-news and to keep our readers informed in a timely, precise and easy-to-read manner.

We have established a community of individuals that are passionate about quality news, eager to cooperate and are committed to the enrichment and motivation of our readers. Thus we have been able to create a paradigm shift in terms of what news should be and whose interest it should first serve, as we consider that it should reflect society in a realistic manner and serve the general interest first and foremost.