Jonar N. Stein strengthens emerging markets team


Second major emerging markets focused hire indicates consolidation of core capabilities

March 6, 2019 – Bloomberg

Jonar N. Stein has announced today that Ryan Xiangfu has joined the company as senior adviser to its team of emerging markets experts, focusing on sector analysis and strategy development.

Over the past decade Mr. Xiangfu has managed active long-term and total return emerging market fixed income and equity portfolios. He began his career in 2006 with Aberdeen Standard before moving to Adamas A.M. in 2014 where he has served as a portfolio manager and strategy advisor.

In his new role with Jonar N. Stein, Mr. Xiangfu will provide his expertise in analyzing key industry sectors in emerging markets countries that hold underlying development potential while also participating in strategy design and consolidation.

He will report directly to Hugh Zhuoxiang, Chief Investment Officer, and will work in close cooperation with Maryse Cheung, Emerging Markets Strategist. This represents the company’s second major hire to its Emerging Markets department in the span of 6 months, which indicates a strengthening of its core competencies.

“We are very glad to welcome Ryan to our team,” said Mr. Zhuoxiang. “His extensive experience and knowledge of managing emerging markets assets will play an important role in helping us develop our emerging markets strategies and products, enabling us to deliver broader perspectives and higher profits to our investors”.

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