Jonar N. Stein views on the markets in 2019


Company looks forward to 2019 with attentive optimism over U.S. – China trade tensions

February 20, 2019 – Reuters

Hong Kong – Following a start of the year that has seen markets impacted by political unrest, Ronald Junzhe, Chief Financial Officer at Jonar N. Stein, believes that investors should not focus on the Brexit, U.S. government shutdown, or the ongoing trade tensions between China and the U.S.

Mr. Junzhe considers that two things will have a major impact on the markets this year, namely the U.S. Federal Reserve and company earnings.

“I believe a few months from now, investors will be laid back and forget the shutdown ever happened. What happened at the end of last year is market started to price in much of the pain caused by global trade tensions. I believe growth is bound for 2019,” Mr. Junzhe commented.


For the markets to continue their 2019 rally, company earnings will need to remain stable and Federal Reserve will need to stick with a more soft monetary policy and not raise rates aggressively, thus determining the banking world to focus more on growth.


Mr. Junzhe believes that earnings will get a boost. He predicted investors will be surprised by a quick end to a trade war between China and the United States in the early part of the year. The U.S. president will be forced by economic conditions to call an end to his standoff in order to protect his reelection chances.


“Xi will be similarly motivated to help the Chinese economy, so this is not a U.S-specific issue as both parties are interested in resolving these tensions, albeit both pushing for their favored outcomes. Over the long-term however, continued trade tensions will favor no one, and both the U.S. and China are aware of this and most likely do not intend to prolong this state of affairs,” Mr. Junzhe concluded.

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