Jonar N. Stein Liquidates Fund


August 20, 2018 – The Economist

Mid-Cap Alternatives fund set to be removed by the beginning of October 2018.

Hong Kong – Jonar N. Stein has announced today that the Mid-Cap Alternatives fund has been closed to new investments in advance of a strategic liquidation in early October. Investors of the fund have been notified and will have the opportunity to switch to another company fund, or redeem their shares before the end date. After the liquidation date, the fund’s assets will be sold with the proceeds being distributed.

Following an attentive analysis of the fund’s investment strategy and investor usage, the company has decided that clients can gain a similar exposure and long-term profits by opting for a diversified portfolio, with a balance of international equities and bonds.

Despite the fund’s experienced advisory team and long-term outlook, the Mid-Cap Alternatives fund has not enjoyed significant attention from investors. Consequently, it remains one of the lowest performing offerings in the company’s product line-up and subject for removal.

The fund’s liquidation comes during a period of continuous and comprehensive company reviews focusing on global products. “We aim to add novel investment products that have proven profitability potential and are demanded by our clients while removing funds that underachieve or lack any distinct role,” said Hugh Zhuoxiang, Chief Investment Officer at Jonar N. Stein, who noted that the company will likewise take fund merging into consideration as an alternative.

This represents only the second liquidated fund from the company’s portfolio after the withdrawal of the Convertibles Diversified-Core fund in 2013.

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