Jonar N. Stein excludes coal mines from its offerings


Company advances its environmental stewardship

Hong Kong, June 6, 2017, BBC

Jonar N. Stein has banned businesses that derive a third of their profits from the extraction of coal from its fund offerings. By taking this course of action Jonar N. Stein is one of the first investment managers that have taken this step.

“Given our exclusion of coal mining from our lineup of sustainable funds at the start of 2017, this was the next obvious step for us”, explains Vigo Lindgren, Chief Risk Officer at Jonar N. Stein.

This decision directly impacts businesses whose main occupation is coal mining, expelling such companies from Jonar N. Stein’s portfolios. “Considering the coming-into-effect of the Paris Agreement concerning climate change this is a significant step for us in terms of environmental stewardship” continued Mr. Lindgren.

In February 2017 Jonar N Stein has excluded businesses that draw a minimum of 5 per cent of their sales from coal extraction activities from their equities and bond portfolios. “By doing so we aim to separate coal as a commodity for producing steel from coal that is used as fuel. The former is necessary while the latter is discretionary” concluded Hugh Zhuoxiang, Chief Investment Officer at Jonar N. Stein.

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