Jonar N. Stein Total Return Alpha Bond Fund changes name


Fund changes name for increased international exposure

Hong Kong, July 14, 2016 –BBC

Jonar N. Stein announces that as of July 18, the Total Return Alpha Bond Fund will undergo a name change. The Fund, one of the company’s first fixed income funds, the will be known as the Global Bond Fund.

Changing the name of the Fund has the goal of increasing its international exposure. To celebrate the event that likewise marks the fund’s 5th anniversary, the Global Bond Fund investment team will bolster the fund’s portfolio with five new, top performing companies.

Hugh Zhuoxiang, Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Board at Jonar N. Stein, said: “We are quite glad to conclude the Fund’s anniversary with a rebranding. The new name will make the fund easier to recognize and to access by investors across the globe. Besides the name nothing is changing and the fund will maintain its current investment strategy.”

The Global Bond Fund is one of Jonar N. Stein’s first bond funds; it invests internationally in corporate and government bonds while dynamically positioning itself to take advantage of interest rates and currency appreciation.

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