Jonar N. Stein hosts discussion panel concerning globalization


Specialists tackle the effects of globalization and the necessity for diversification

Hong Kong, June 6, 2015, The Economist

Financial markets experts and guests have taken part in a recent panel discussion hosted by Jonar N. Stein at their corporate headquarters in Hong Kong.

“What most of us aim for is portfolio diversification with the aim to reduce risks and increase returns,” commented Simon Qualls, COO at Jonar N. Stein.

The development of emerging markets in turn determines a heightened rate of consumption by its consumers. Mr. Qualls suggests that transport companies have the most to gain from this, and that investing in them is one way to participate in the commodities market.

“From our point of view globalization is the main driver of the world economy,” continued Mr. Qualls. “At the same time it’s the main force that determines a raise in living standards for individuals living in developing countries. Most of these individuals live with an annual income per capita of approximately USD $1,000. A raise in their living standard could lead to an elevated consumption of commodities.”

“But how will they gain access to commodities? By ship. And how will they pay for them? By using ships to export their own goods. We consider that shipping is one method of taking part in the commodities market and that it represents a commodity by itself.”

Besides discussing globalization and its effects, the conversation also focused on investment and portfolio diversification. As an example, the Spanish and Greek economies seem to be making a comeback offering fresh opportunities for investors.

However, Mr. Qualls recommends that investors should adopt a long-term outlook on investments and not be demoralized by short-term volatility. “It’s not wise to react to current market events. It’s much more reasonable and constructive to observe the entire cycle and not overreact to short-term developments.”

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